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Vicinity of Framingham Dr. in Cincinnati
I have some repair needs on the insulation in the crawl space under the floor and some loose insulation on some duct work that needs to be secured properly.
Vicinity of Sprucewood Ct in Cincinnati
Upstairs rooms and first floor mud room very cold. Would be available any day next week. Is there a charge for the audit?
Vicinity of in Cincinnati
We have split level house with a two car garage under bedrooms. The bedroom floors and closets are extremely cold.
Vicinity of Morse St in Cincinnati
Looking for insulation in our kitchen wall. Having issues with frozen pipes
Vicinity of Reily Road in Cincinnati
Need improved crawlspace insulation and possibly attic insulation. Specifically concerned about one bedroom that always runs cold in the winter/hot in the summer. Thanks, Chuck
Vicinity of Alcliff Ln in Cincinnati
Condensation in attic looking for blown in insulation. Plywood under shingles are wet. I'm in process of replacing bath exhaust fans correctly. Also would like the ventilation in attic checked
Vicinity of Carrington Ct in Cincinnati
House is not heating, and we can feel blows of cold air inside the house.
Vicinity of Duncan Avenue in Cincinnati
My garage is not insulated and gets very cold in the winter and hot in summer. I built a home gym inside and would like to have a comfortable environment year-round.
Vicinity of Remington Rd in Cincinnati
Insulate room above garage
Vicinity of Duneden Avenue in Cincinnati
We would like a whole house home energy audit. We would like to find ways to decrease our energy usage.
Vicinity of Mernic Dr in Cincinnati
Cost of someone doing this or me spending the time to do it myself
Vicinity of Holloway Ct in Cincinnati
Attic, basement and walls
Vicinity of Corbett Street in Cincinnati
We have a cold drafty Kitchen and living area
Vicinity of Woodfern Way in Cincinnati
I moved into a new home and I want to insulate the attic but I'm not sure the attic is ready for insulation because of air leaks, old gable vents, no baffles or soffit vents. Hoping you can help. Thanks!
Vicinity of Gentlewind Dr. in Cincinnati
Our home was built around 1965 and I don't believe has adequate (if any!) insulation in the exterior walls. We live in a quad-level and two of the bedrooms are over the garage and the temps. are a bit more extreme in those two rooms. An addition was put on the house in 1998 and we aren't concerned with the insulation in those areas, but the exterior walls of the original part of the house.
Vicinity of Whisperwoods Ln in Cincinnati
3500 sqft home built in 82. have a couple rooms where there are 3 exterior walls and looking for better insulation. not sure what is in there now, but it certainly could be better. Looking for estimate
Vicinity of Sutton in Cincinnati
Previous blown in insulation is 15 years old. Would like a quote
Vicinity of Ridge Avenue in Cincinnati
My fiance and I recently purchased a home and are looking to replace the insulation in the attic. We were wondering if we could get someone to come quote us on this. Communication via email is preferred. Thank you.
Vicinity of Bruestle Ave. in Cincinnati
The home was built in 1922 and is 925 square foot. Walls and attic needs insulated for heat and air saving.
Vicinity of SUNLAND DR in Cincinnati
I have a small home but the hvac struggles to maintain the house at a comfortable temperature, especially when it's >90 degrees outside. The winter is just the opposite. I'd love to have someone come out here and show me what I need and what you can offer! I look forward to your reply!
Vicinity of Cora Ave in Cincinnati
Closed cell spray foam under roof
Vicinity of Briarrose Ct in Cincinnati
Purchased my house just over 1 yr. One of my projects is insulation. Attic and walls. Looking 4 an estimate. Bilevel built in 1971 with roughly 1700 sq. Ft.
Vicinity of Bearcat Drive in Cincinnati
Need a quote for insulation in the attic. 40x30 house possibly 40x25. Fairly small project, but would like a quote.
Vicinity of Hunter Ave in Cincinnati
I would like to reinsulate my home
Vicinity of Oakville Dr. in Cincinnati
2nd floor is hot during the summer. Energy costs are high also. Have a new AC unit and Heater.
Vicinity of Westwind Ln. in Cincinnati
Exterior wall insulation quote requested. Insulation in attic is adequate.
Vicinity of Sherman Ave in Cincinnati
Looking to insulate an older brick building
Vicinity of Greendale in Cincinnati
Purchased a home and am going to do a full remodel/rehab. Would like to get a whole house audit to determine what type of upgrades we should do. 4000 sq ft house built in 1910.
Vicinity of Coldstream Dr in Cincinnati
Attic is very hot and it appears that more insulation is required. I am courios of the cost of the super attic system.
Vicinity of Delhi Pk. in Cincinnati
Attic heat. Need to insulate
Vicinity of Pennsylvania Ave in Cincinnati
I currently have a 10-15 year old hvac system in the house I just bought. The system cools the first floor very well, but the second floor gets very hot. I currently have restricted the air flow only at the registers at the first floor but the second floor seems to not get enough cold air to cool down. I would like someone to come take a look at my system and tell me the problems I have.
Vicinity of Creek Rd in Cincinnati
I am moving into a new home and only an attic exhaust fan is installed. There is no intake ventilation. The kitchen fan vents into the attic and I would like it to vent outside because this can be hazardous.
Vicinity of Kroegermount Dr in Cincinnati
Central air is having a very hard time cooling my home. New furnace and insulation. Curious as to what could be causing the issue
Vicinity of Sunburst Dr in Cincinnati
1956 Ranch that does not hold heat or keep AC in it seems. Give me a call so we can get an estimate. Thank you.
Vicinity of Marsh Ave in Cincinnati
We're looking to insulate our attic. It's accessible from a flight of stairs and currently isn't insulated well - our roof isn't really insulated and half the flooring in the attic is covered in rolled out insulation
Vicinity of Markbreit in Cincinnati
Remodeling a 2 family into a single family. need walls and attic insulated
Vicinity of Monteith Ave in Cincinnati
A significant amount of dust. Doors not properly sealed. Noise from kitchen vent flap
Vicinity of Lindley in Cincinnati
We are in the process of buying a new home which is 100 years old. It's been updated but we are unsure about the insulation throughout the home. I'm interested in doing a very thorough check of the entire home to try to see what it would take to make the house energy efficient. I GREATLY prefer email over phone calls at this point. How involved is your energy audit? And is it something we can do before we close ... Assuming the seller allows us to schedule it? Also there doesn't appear to be an attic access. Thank you. Jerry.
Vicinity of Lawndale Ave in Cincinnati
I've recently purchased a home and am currently renovation the kitchen. I plan to build a wood furring wall in front of a load bearing mason brick wall (2 widths, 1 inch air pocket between) so I can run outlets. I've researched insulation a lot and it seems closed cell is the best for creating a moisture barrier, and fill the un-even wall. I would like to get a quote on completing this work, wall is approximately 100sq ft with a window. Thanks, Eric
Vicinity of Springoak Dr in Cincinnati
Wanted to get a quote for blow in attic insulation. Thanks!
Vicinity of Panola Drive in Cincinnati
Attic insulation
Vicinity of Wagner Road in Cincinnati
Cold in the winter/hot in the summer. Having only owned the house for two years, we recognize there are insulation issues that could be addressed.
Vicinity of Hollyhock Dr in Cincinnati
The ends of my house are cold and the second floor doesn't get heat/air very well. I'm also finishing a bedroom that will need to be insulated. Thank you.
Vicinity of Euclid Rd in Cincinnati
Have an old house, added insulation to roof last year, realizing walls are either not insulated or poorly insulated. Looking for advice and an estimate.
Vicinity of Terwilligers Valley Lane in Cincinnati
Attic insulation project
Vicinity of Veazey Ave in Cincinnati
Energy saving
Vicinity of Seiler Drive in Cincinnati
Looking for attic insulation quote
Vicinity of Woodscene Ct in Cincinnati
We recently moved into a home that we've discovered is considerably colder on one side than the other. In particular, the home's office (which is largely isolated from the rest of the house on this side) is extremely cold - approximately 20 degrees colder than the rest of the house based on our measurements with a thermometer. This has rendered the room virtually unusable in the past months. We would like to find solutions for how to normalize the temperature and address the energy efficiency on this side of the home.
Vicinity of Serben Dr in Cincinnati
I'm interested in an energy audit. I need to cut the cost on my electric bill.
Vicinity of Elliott Ave in Cincinnati
I'm looking to get quotes on retrofitting my walls with foam. I live in an old two family house built in ~1900. the upstairs was redone and well insulated but the downstairs is drafty and poorly insulated. I want to downstairs' ~900sqft walls filled with foam for air leaks and insulation. Wanted a quote around.
Vicinity of Little John Ct in Cincinnati
Back bedroom very cold and may need new insulation in attic. Would like a consultation.
Vicinity of Cinderella Dr in Cincinnati
Vicinity of Paw Paw Ln in Cincinnati
Rim joist and basement insulation
Vicinity of Evanston Ave in Cincinnati
We are gathering quotes for insulating the basement rim joists and to see if our attic is properly insulated
Vicinity of Mernic Dr in Cincinnati
We would like to seal and insulate our attic
Vicinity of Avon Fields Ln in Cincinnati
I have a 1920s house I am currently renovating and would like to improve the insulation while I have the walls opened up.
Vicinity of N. Cooper Ave. in Cincinnati
I recently purchased a turn of the century Victorian home with little to no insulation. I'm gathering estimates to insulate the entire home (mostly retrofoam and spray foam applications).
Vicinity of School Road in Cincinnati
Need an energy audit. Main area of concern is the Rim Joist of the house. (Where the hose meets the foundation in basement) most likely need a spray foam estimate.
Vicinity of Deerfield Street in Cincinnati
I own a multifamily home built in the late 1800s. The home has been remodeled, however, there seem to serious issues with air flow (heating and cooling). In the past few days, we have experienced some pipe freezing in the basement level of the first unit. The insulation seems to be insufficient or lacking throughout the walls. We would like an estimate to address these concerns for the rental unit as well as our family unit.
Vicinity of Timberoak Trail in Cincinnati
Attic insulation is fair, borderline poor. back bed room hot in summer, cold in winter. Looking to save money on heating and cooling bills
Vicinity of Beacon Hill Rd in Cincinnati
Two areas of the home that are drastically different than core of the home
Vicinity of Regimental Place in Cincinnati
I just bought a townhome and would like to have it winterized.
Vicinity of Pocahontas Ave in Cincinnati
Partially finished basement. The area directly under the living room is not finished. The living room is cold and drafty. The basement under the living room likely needs insulation.
Vicinity of Regent Rd in Cincinnati
House was built mid 80s. Trying to figure out if it's worth it to add more insulation
Vicinity of Larkfield Dr in Cincinnati
High utility bills. Cold rooms.
Vicinity of Quatman Ave in Cincinnati
Our home is older, needs more insulation so our rooms are more comfortable year round
Vicinity of Maria Ave in Cincinnati
House is very drafty and heat is running too much. Would like a quote
Vicinity of North Clippinger in Cincinnati
Low levels of attic insulation's
Vicinity of Indian Mound Ave in Cincinnati
We just bought a 110 yr old house. It seems very well built, but I think it may not be well insulated. I'd like to know if there are things we can do now to help insulate our home to save us money in the long run.
Vicinity of Clearview Ave in Cincinnati
House built in the 40's need some help staying warm. Cold plaster walls in bedroom.
Vicinity of Hector Ave in Cincinnati
Increase attic insulation and spray foam around band joist
Vicinity of Almsgate Lane in Cincinnati
We moved into a new house last year and are having issues with the temperature in different part of the house. We have some rooms that are hot in the summer and cold in the winter. We have already had the HVAC replaced and more blown-in insulation installed in our attic.
Vicinity of Kewanee in Cincinnati
Adding insulation in the attic and blowing insulation in the floor joists above the two car garage that is under the house.
Vicinity of Lemarie Dr in Cincinnati
Looking for insulation in my attic. Cape Cod that I have lived in for 3 years. Cleaned out attic to an extent. Looking for blown in insulation.
Vicinity of Hector Avenue in Cincinnati
Looking for a quote for attic blow in insulation.
Vicinity of Triesta Ct. in Cincinnati
My house is drafty. I know that the 3 doors on the house are of concern, and the attic needs more insulation. I was looking at potentially doing the attic by myself using a product called 3ht that I heard about from a guy on the west side. He was about to do his own attic with the product. Then I saw your video on youtube on insulation flammability and saw that one of the safest products was the airkrete. Having never heard about it I did my homework and found out that most spray foam insulation requires the chemicals to be mixed in the house and that the improper application of it can cause health issues to the point that a person actually had the entire roof removed from his house to fix a bad job. (also a video on youtube YIkes) But seeing that the air krete requires no off gassing and would make my house safer it definitely seems like the way to go. I still am interested in the 3ht application. do you work with it or can you get access. My dream application would be to have the current insulation removed the air krete sprayed in and 3ht over the top and also covering the rafter space then have some decking laid down. (stage 1) Then having the walls and block foundation filled with airkrete 3ht mounted on all the perimeter walls and have the doors replaced (stage 2)
Vicinity of Barrington Court in Cincinnati
I have lived here 4 years. My son's bedroom is always freezing in the winter. I'd like to resolve the issue so he doesn't have to use an electronic blanket and space heater all winter.
Vicinity of Jessup Rd in Cincinnati
Need a quote for attic insulation
Vicinity of Zig Zag Road in Cincinnati
We have lived in our 1958 ranch since 2014 and do not know whether it has wall insulation. We would like advice and a quote for improving the insulation.
Vicinity of Annesdale Drive in Cincinnati
Vicinity of Galaxy Court in Cincinnati
We need insulation. House isn't getting enough heat in the winter. Also when we moved in February we were told we would need someone to add insulation. I feel like it all needs removed and replaced. Id love for someone to come look and let me know what needs done
Vicinity of Creek Road in Cincinnati
I have one wall in a bedroom in a 1957 house that remains cold to the touch I was thinking maybe we could blow the foam into it from outside to provide insulation. Can't imagine getting to it from the attic (entrance is in the top of my closet above shelves).
Vicinity of Deer Valley Dr in Cincinnati
Not enough attic insulation.
Vicinity of Citadel Place in Cincinnati
I would like to get an estimate on attic insulation and was curious about the wall insulation as well.
Vicinity of Cortelyou Place in Cincinnati
The bedrooms above our garage get cold in the winter and we would like to insulate between the two.
Vicinity of Ridge Ave in Cincinnati
-120yo house, wooden clapboard -concerned that work done would add moisture and deteriorate house quicker -you must prove that your work will improve our comfort and pay for itself in 5 years
Vicinity of Lowry Avenue in Cincinnati
Need quote ASAP for spray foam insulation. Renovating 100 yr-old home.
Vicinity of Cora Ave in Cincinnati
Would like to have exterior walls insulated with either loose fill cellulose or closed cell polyethylene.
Vicinity of Garnoa Drive in Cincinnati
Need a quote for spray foam exterior walls for a 1500 sq foot brick on block home built in 1955
Vicinity of High Point in Cincinnati
Attic insulation
Vicinity of Renfro Ave in Cincinnati
Attic insulation
Vicinity of Lansdowne Ave in Cincinnati
Our home is 100 years old we have now lived here since July 2016 and I think the exterior walls are lacking insulation. Our downstairs bedroom is hot in the summer and cold in the winter.
Vicinity of Storybook Dr in Cincinnati
Looking to spray foam: Garage ceiling to create barrier Under an addition; floor cold inside
Vicinity of Springdale Lake Drive in Cincinnati
I need an estimate for spray foam insulation to treat a room above my garage.
Vicinity of Springdale Lake Drive in Cincinnati
I need an estimate for spray foam insulation to treat a room above my garage.
Vicinity of Old Stable Rd in Cincinnati
I need at least some insulation in the attic
Vicinity of Lincoln Ave. in Cincinnati
I'm looking to get an estimate on getting my finished walls reinsulated/ or the insulation beefed up. The back half of my home does not heat or cool well and I'm looking into solutions to correct the problem.
Vicinity of South Avenue in Cincinnati
Our home was built in 1968 it's old no insulation walls are cold to touch! Very high energy bills!
Vicinity of Saybrook Ave in Cincinnati
Looking to add/replace attic insulation and potentially add in-wall insulation.
Vicinity of Clemson Cir in Cincinnati
I have a 2 store home. Mostly brick exterior. The walls are poorly insulated. I'm interested in learning about what we could/should do to improove the energy efficiency of our home, keep it warmer in the winter, and cooler in the summer. If blow-in insulation is recommended (either through the exterior or the drywall) I'd like a cost estimate for the 4 bedrooms upstairs (main concern) and the lower level (3 rooms). Thanks!
Vicinity of Classic Drive in Cincinnati
Wall insulation
Vicinity of Reltas Ct in Cincinnati
I believe the walls of my house are severely lacking insulation. I would like to get them insulated as best as possible.
Vicinity of Madison Park Avenue in Cincinnati
Want an estimate for spray foam insulation in basement ceiling
Vicinity of Durrell Ave in Cincinnati
Old garage of a 4-unit needs insulation, bedrooms above are cold
Vicinity of Timberlake Dr in Cincinnati
Need to add more insulation in our home
Vicinity of Russet Dr in Cincinnati
I would like an estimate on blowing insulation into our exterior walls. I'm only available after 5pm on weekdays. I'm not sure if you guys can come out that late. Could you e-mail me and let me know when you'd be available for an estimate? Thanks..
Vicinity of Thunderbird Ave. in Cincinnati
Blow insulation into the attic Blow foam into the walls
Vicinity of Bellevue Ave in Cincinnati
New home had addition and new room seems uninsulated.
Vicinity of Stonemill Ct in Cincinnati
Drafty rooms in home/poor energy efficiency.
Vicinity of Lennon St in Cincinnati
Looking to insulate over garage
Vicinity of Lennon St in Cincinnati
Looking to insulate over garage
Vicinity of Victoria Ave in Cincinnati
We have an older home and the pipes in our master bathroom are on an outside wall and not well insulated. We have had issues with them freezing during extremely cold temps.
Vicinity of Nighthawk Drr in Cincinnati
Attached garage is very cold and drafty
Vicinity of Bramble Ave in Cincinnati
Attic insulation
Vicinity of Marion in Cincinnati
We have a carriage house that needs insulated in the attic
Vicinity of Curzon Ave in Cincinnati
My old Victorian is breezy and cold with a breeze that comes around the floor area especially in the kitchen.
Vicinity of Fresno Rd in Cincinnati
Need more insulation in my attic
Vicinity of Iuka Ave in Cincinnati
Our first floor is particularly drafty in winter and looking to see what our best options are for making the place more efficient.
Vicinity of Minmor Dr. in Cincinnati
Want to get a quote on getting our attic insulated. The current insulation is original to the house.
Vicinity of Madeleine Circle in Cincinnati
Attic insulation
Vicinity of Dianna Drive in Cincinnati
Old house. Walls need reinsulated. Cold in winter. Warm in summer.
Vicinity of Myrtle Avenue in Cincinnati
House does not have proper insulation in the walls or attic or floor above garage
Vicinity of Cambridge Ave in Cincinnati
Looking to get Attic insulated for winter
Vicinity of Atlantic Avenue in Cincinnati
Minimal insulation in attic (floor joists visible)...looking to get free quote Thanks, Danny
Vicinity of Goda Ave in Cincinnati
I would like to schedule a home energy audit. We keep our house warm in the summer and cool in the winter and our bills are always higher than expected.
Vicinity of Greenbriar Ln in Cincinnati
House insulation
Vicinity of River Road in Cincinnati
Just had my roof done however the contractors didn't insulate. I would like and estimate of price point since the room is very hot.
Vicinity of Sunray Street in Cincinnati
I'm finishing my attic and want the roof spray foamed and sealed
Vicinity of Duncan Ave. in Cincinnati
There are some spots of insufficient insulation in our attic. I just need someone to make sure the insulation thickness and total coverage area are adequate in the open spaces of my attic. This might be a very small job if, essentially, there are just some areas that need attention. The attic is hot. I would expect the work to be done when it's cooler to spare your workers.
Vicinity of Loda Drive in Cincinnati
Air condition is not keeping up with the temperature we are setting during very hot days. We set it at 72 degrees and it often reads 80 on the thermostat by evening. After much research on the Internet, I am convinced we need to better insulate our home and fix air leakage.
Vicinity of Sandal Ct in Cincinnati
Need estimate on getting outside walls of home insulated.
Vicinity of Beech Grove Drive in Cincinnati
Blown In Insulation needs
Vicinity of Berry Hill Dr in Cincinnati
Looking for estimate on the following: Removal old attic insulation, New Attic insulation (cellulose), Can light sealed, vent pipes sealed, drywall/stud sealant all in the attic.
Vicinity of Kirby Ave in Cincinnati
I think it would be about 400 square feet, want blown insulation
Vicinity of Shawnee Run Rd in Cincinnati
Looking for estimate for blown in insulation in attic
Vicinity of Eyrich Rd in Cincinnati
Insulating my attic the right way
Vicinity of Blue Ash Road in Cincinnati
Old plaster home, leaks likely in closets, windows, and door thresholds I have been unable to fix. Likely losing a lot of heat on top of that by having no insulation in walls. Looking for ballpark to look at 760sq ft house.
Vicinity of Stettinius Ave in Cincinnati
Blow insulation into walls to to help convert a sun room and family room into all weather rooms
Vicinity of Carrahen Ct in Cincinnati
Attic insullation
Vicinity of Wellerstation Drive in Cincinnati
We are looking to add 12" of additional blown in cellulose attic insulation and insulate the attic hatch lid. It is a 4 bedroom, 2 story, single family brick home. Thanks
Vicinity of Purcell Ave in Cincinnati
120 years old house
Vicinity of Elkwood Dr in Cincinnati
Small amount of insulation in the attic.
Vicinity of North Ave in Cincinnati
My house is freezing and very drafty despite having the walls and attic insulated. I literally feel the wind blow inside. I think the insulation in the walls is disintegrating. I have no idea what to do about any of it.
Vicinity of Applegate Ave in Cincinnati
Wanting to insulate the walls to save energy
Vicinity of N Yorkshire Sq in Cincinnati
New heating and air installed 4/15 House is still cool and drafty at 71 degrees
Vicinity of Frane Lane in Cincinnati
I'd like to increase the R value of our attic from its current R-25 to R-50.
Vicinity of Yorktown in Cincinnati
Cold on end floor in winter
Vicinity of Silverhedge Drive in Cincinnati
Bi level kids room is very cold in winter and hot in summer.
Vicinity of Highview Dr. in Cincinnati
Drafty walls, all brick and lathe work no insulation. Curious as to how much foam spray in would cost.
Vicinity of Nash Avenue in Cincinnati
Need for insulation in ceiling of garage. The space is covered by dry wall but no insulation is present. This ceiling is below the floor of the kitchen
Vicinity of Linden Dr in Cincinnati
Cold floors in winter over crawl space.
Vicinity of Wooster Pike in Cincinnati
Walls, attic, rim joist in basement, looking for insulation
Vicinity of Homer Ave in Cincinnati
I have a 1927 Cape cod that has a interesting layout. There is only 3" of old Batted Yellow insulation currently and Im sure there are air leaks around the wiring that will need to be filled with the air sealer. I would like a cost estimate for 300 sq feet with sealing and possibly old insulation removed.
Vicinity of Dexter in Cincinnati
We are looking for a solution to reduce the noise between the living room of an upstairs unit and the bedroom below it. Upstairs is a wood floor. Can insulation be blown in between the ceiling and floor? Will this work to effectively reduce the noise of children playing? We are only considering doing that room.
Vicinity of Glenover Drive in Cincinnati
Attic and crawl space
Vicinity of W COURT ST in Cincinnati
I require attic insulation. Would like an estimate. Thanks!

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